Day 1: Find and Display Closed Captioned Content

CC Logo with #CreateAccessibility written beneathToday's Challenge is to find and display Closed Captioned Content to use in your classroom, upcoming staff meeting, and/or professional development.  You can easily search YouTube for Closed Captioned content by including ,cc following your search terms and your search will only display closed captioned content.   If you are using publisher-generated curriculum and captions are not available for display, I recommend sending them a kind email requesting the availability of captions.  TED Talks are great resource for quality captioned content. Here's a few of my favorites, Todd Rose, The Myth of Average, Elise Roy, When we Design for Disability, Everyone Benefits, and Dave Rose, Making the World Accessible.

Steps to Create Accessibility

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your search terms followed by ,cc in the search bar
  3. Preview and choose a closed captioned video to display in your classroom, upcoming staff meeting and/or professional development.

Crowdsource your closed captioned content by including students in this exercise and have them post helpful captioned videos on a padlet or use a Google Form. Here's a Google Form you can copy and use that's pre-made for this purpose!  This is also a great exercise for PLCs or during professional development. 

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