Day 12: Create a "video playlist" in Google Slides

Video options with Autoplay when Presenting checked
This challenge is for those with newly captioned videos in Google Drive. With the recent Google Slides updates it's easier than ever to use and share videos in environments where YouTube is blocked. Whether you choose to caption Google Drive videos by uploading a transcript, using Caption Creator, or Voice Typing, it is possible to create a closed-captioned playlist of Google Drive videos using Google Slides. With Videos in Slides, it opens up the best of collaboration, students can use the comments feature to takes notes, engage in commentary, and/or easily provide feedback on peer-created videos. Enable the autoplay feature under video options and now it's possible to easily build a collaborative, progressive video story with each slide building upon another. All these files can easily be shared via Google Classroom or embedded in a Google Site for a larger audience. Videos hosted in Google Drive + Google Slides = endless possibilities!

How to Create Playlist

  1. Create New Google Slides File.  (
  2. From the Insert Menu, Select Video > Choose Video from Google Drive 
  3. To enable autoplay, select inserted video on slide > Choose Video Options on Menu Bar > Check Autoplay when presenting
  4. Add New Slide
  5. Repeat #2-3; until playlist is complete!

Iterations of Caption Creator for Google Drive Playlist 

This Google Drive video playlist consists of iterations and my notes from initial testing of Caption Creator for Google Drive back in early October. For the initial testing, I found the shortest video in my Google Drive (48 seconds) and used it as my test. I tried one thing, noted the results, duplicated my original video, and tried another, noted results and repeated the process until there are more than 15 of the same video with different captioning results. Below you have 12 of the attempts on this playlist along with my original notes and links to captioning files. There are LOTS of captioning errors in these videos. You''ll notice SRT file notations in the captions. You're not supposed to see these and it was lots of trials to figure out how to get the format right and make these disappear. Along the way, learned lots of SRT files, transcripts, and captioning in Drive.


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