Day 4: Caption Google Drive by Uploading a Transcript

Today's challenge is to caption a Google Drive video using a transcript. The reality in many of our schools is that YouTube is blocked for viewing and hosting content for students. This is especially true for our youngest learners. Google Drive offers a great alternative. Videos housed in Google Drive play nice with Google Sites and Slides. Both offer lots of options for sharing student-created, accessible videos.

Many video creation platforms have the option of downloading completed videos straight to Google Drive. Whether you use WeVideo, Screencastify, Adobe Spark, iMovie or any of the countless other video creation platforms available, if you or your students prepare a  transcript in advance Google Drive videos are easily captioned. I prefer to use Google Docs for my transcripts but any text editor or word processing program will work as long as you can download the file as a .txt file.  (I wrote a blog post back in October when the transcript file was required to be renamed with the .srt extension. This is no longer necessary! I love how Google is always improving.)

Steps to Create Accessibility

Prerequisites: A video owned by you stored in your Google Drive and a transcript of the video downloaded as a .txt file.
  1. Locate Video in Google Drive > Right Click on the File Name > Choose Manage Caption Tracks
  2. Select Add New Captions or Transcripts
  3. Select File - Your downloaded transcript saved as a .txt file > Choose language > Upload
  4. Wait for your Captions to Auto-Sync. The longer your video, the longer this process will take.
  5. When complete, enjoy your accessible, closed captioned video from Google Drive, or add to Google Sites or Slides

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