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Why Closed Captioning? What the Research Says

What does the research say about captions? Captions benefit all learners and people use captions for different uses. Morton Ann Gernsbacher provides an excellent review of literature in "Video Captions Benefit Everyone"  that summarizes studies on this topic. As expected, captions benefit D/deaf and hard of hearing users by improving comprehension but the effect has been found to be similar for hearing children. In particular, there have been numerous studies demonstrating how captions benefit children learning to read with early literacy skills. Additionally, captions help improve comprehension and promote memory retention. There has also been numerous studies on how captions support learning a second language.

More recently, Karen Linder, Ph.D., published a national study looking at Student Use of Captioning and Transcripts in College today. This study I find particularly interesting because the 2/3 of the 2,839 respondents were age 24 and younger meaning they grew up in a …