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#CreateA11y Challenge Begins April 3rd!

Beginning April 3rd, watch this space for daily challenge posts designed to improve the accessibility of your digital files, videos, or other online media. Each post will provide step-by-step directions on how to create accessibility, including an explanation of how the design choice improves accessibility, and some recommended lesson ideas to help your students create accessibility as well. Educators are encouraged to complete the challenge themselves along with their students. Daily Challenges will be posted Monday - Friday, starting April 3rd and continuing throughout the month of April with the weekends left for reflection and sharing of helpful accessibility tools.  Each week will follow a similar theme so feel free to jump in and out of the challenges as it makes sense for your context.

One model could be to engage in the daily challenges yourself and plan to engage your students the following week. Another model could be to save the daily challenges for the end of the week to…

Community Contributed Captions on YouTube

Another option for captioning your content is to mark your video for community contributed captions. When Jordan Rhea, recently uploaded a YouTube video describing coding Caption Creator for Google Drive, this provided a great opportunity for me to try out this feature.  As a creator you have two options to enable Community Contributions for Captions.

Enabling Community Contributions.
1. You can make individual videos eligible for community contributed captions by going to the Advanced Settings of an individual video and selecting Community Contributed Captions.

2. You can make your entire channel and all its content eligible for Community Contributed Captions by choosing Community Contributed Captions on the Upload Defaults of your Channel.

Ready to Contribute Captions?
1. Visit Desired YouTube Video > Select Gear > Add subtitles/CC
Note: If you do see the Add subtitles/CC option when you click the gear icon of your video that means the video does not have community contributions…