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Moving the Needle. Create Accessibility One Year Later

One year ago, I published "Be the Change" that began Create Accessibility. That blog post was motivated by my experience leaving Boulder, Colorado and the Google Innovation Academy. One year later a lot has happened that even I didn't realize until I did the numbers below.
Create Accessibility One Year Later By the Numbers44 Blog Posts Published19 Day #CreateA11y Challenge15 Video Tutorials8 Conference Presentations1 Google Site1 GitBook1 Caption Creator for Google Drive (Collaboration with Jordan Rhea, @rheajt)Countless Memories, Friendships, and Learning!

It would be great if any one of these solutions actually solved the pressing problem in education that I continue to address with this project. Unfortunately, there remains lots of online materials and platforms that are inaccessible to people with disabilities. Personally, I encounter inaccessible content on a daily basis, attend EDU conferences where videos lack captions, and encounter vendors selling products for s…