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Using Voice Typing to Create Transcript Caption File

If you're looking for another workflow to generate transcripts for Google Drive videos than can be uploaded as captions, described in a previous post, Google Docs voice typing provides a possible starting point. 

During the testing of Caption Creator for Google Drive, created by Jordan Rhea of, I made 13 copies of the same 47 second .mp4 file trying different caption file formats and recording the subsequent results. Once I figured out that you could upload transcripts as .srt files without any of the timings and the captions would auto-sync, I tried Google Voice as a way to capture the transcript from the video. 

At this point I was tired of using the same video and I wanted to try the process with a longer video. Not having any of this media in my Google Drive, I downloaded a 2 minute video from my YouTube Channel and then uploaded it to Google Drive. Using the Tab Resize Chrome Extension, I created the side-by-side display with the video on the left and an open Google D…

Uploading a Transcript to Caption Google Drive Videos

Google Drive video files support adding caption tracks. This is an important feature to create accessibility within classrooms especially when other captioning interfaces may not be available. If you right click on a video file stored within Google Drive, you'll notice a Manage caption tracks option. You can upload a caption file in either .SRT or .SUB format. These aren't exactly common file extensions that you see in the Google Suite. I've created .SRT files in the past and they are complex. The formatting requires a caption number, start and end times to the milliseconds for when the caption will appear, and finally the caption itself. I have used a paid app to accomplish this in the past. Not exactly a fiscally feasible solution for schools. Another option is using a text editor and manually creating this formatting. It's possible but not a user-friendly or reasonable solution especially with younger students. It's been really important to me to find a solution…