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Applying to #GoogleEI? Avoid These Common Autocaption Bloopers

Are you applying to join the next cohort of Google Innovators? Join my #CreateAccessibility Innovator project by captioning your 1 minute video. Not only will you help make the internet more accessibility to everyone, you will avoid these common autocaptioning bloopers illustrated with the blessing of a some fabulous #COL16 cohort members.

Autocaption Blooper #1: Names
Have you met "Present in my home?" Probably not by that name. But if you've had the opportunity to meet Rosalinda Jaimes, you know she's an amazing educator! Names are one of the most frequent autocaption bloopers.

Autocaption Blooper #2: Taken out of Context
Nannette McMurty is one of several #COL16 cohort members with inspiring visions that focuses on parents. Her vision video describes how she used technology with her children to connect with grandparents who live far away. However, the autocaptions tell a completely different story.

Autocaption Blooper #3: Tone
I am super excited about Joanne Schmutz&#…

We Can Do Better than 2% Accessibility

Captions!!! This warms my heart to see in Language as Evidence session @ — Melissa Oliver (@maoliver17) July 16, 2016As I return to full-time work today, I can't help but reflect on my learning adventures during the Summer 2016. Besides the Google Innovation Academy, that sparked this Create Accessibility Project, I attended and/or presented at 2 GAFE Summits, 1 CUE Rockstar Teacher Camp, Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC) Regional Conference, and the Google Geo Teacher Institute. Added up, that's roughly 15 days of professional learning with multiple sessions and speakers. Despite the variety of speakers, I encountered displayed captions once during the entire summer. 

To put this in perspective, I conservatively estimate that I saw at least 50 videos while attending these various conferences. If you do the math, that's 2% of the media encountered had captions displayed. The optimist in me thinks that perhaps this num…