Day 19: Add Alt Text to Google Sites
Day 18: Creating Accessible Hyperlinks
Day 17: Color Contrast: Tale of Two Signs
Day 16: Headings and Other Fomatting Features
Day 15: Fonts

Day 15: Fonts

Week 2 Reflection: There is No Pixie Dust
Turbonote: View YouTube Video & Transcript Side-by-Side
Day 12: Create a "video playlist" in Google Slides
Day 11: Edit existing Captions in YouTube
Day 10: Voice Typing, Google Slides, Transcripts, & Captions!
Day 9: Using Caption Creator for Google Drive
Day 8: Transcribe & Autosync Captioning on YouTube
Day 7: Week 1 Reflection

Day 7: Week 1 Reflection

Day 6: Open Captioning on YouTube
Day 5: Apple Clips with Live Titles
Day 4: Caption Google Drive by Uploading a Transcript
Day 3: Caption a YT Video by uploading a transcript
Day 2: Create a CC YouTube Playlist
Day 1: Find and Display Closed Captioned Content