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Create Accessibility at Fall #CUE

That's a wrap for another great Fall CUE! I had the great pleasure of sharing more about Create Accessibility and accessible design.  On Thursday evening, I shared some workflows for captioning videos in Google Drive.

On Friday, during the 90-minute workshop session, we created Google Sites with accessibility in mind.  Google Sites are easy for students of all ages to use to communicate information, understanding, and learning and provide a great entry into accessible design principles. When students are inserting text, one can teach about the importance of formatting and hierarchy with titles, heading, and subheadings for individuals using a screen reader. Similarly, when images are inserted beyond just showing students how to resize or crop, teach students about alt text.  Teach them why alt text is important, when it is needed, how to compose and insert.  There are lots of these opportunities to naturally insert accessible design lessons when students are creating google sites,…

CUE Tip: Closed Captioning in Google Drive

Yes, you can Create Accessibility with your Videos in Google Drive! Here are workflows (slide 1) and resources (slide 2) I shared this evening during my CUE Tip presentation at Fall CUE.  My dream is that someday Google Drive will offer a native captioning interface that will provide auto-captioning with the ability to edit those captions.  Until then, here are some workflows designed for school environments.