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Forcing Open-Captioning on YouTube

This was a little tip shared with my by Joanna McClellan that allows you the creator to force captions to be displayed on your content. This is a great tip if YouTube videos are part of your school-based digital signage solution or pushing out school-wide videos where you want to ensure that captions are displayed.

On your YouTube video, add yt:cc=on to the tags under the Basic Info tab of your video as seen below. You can see this tag in action on my original vision video for this #CreateAccessibility project.

Search YouTube for Closed Captioned Content

Looking for Closed Captioned Content on YouTube? It is easy to filter your results and only display content with closed captioning.  Visit Type desired search terms followed by a comma and cc (search terms,cc)Displayed search results only include videos with closed captioningUsing  this filter will make it easier to find accessible content to use in your classroom with students.
Chrome Users: If your omnibox is configured to search YouTube directly, the same search filter applies.

Why Closed Captioning? It's About Accessibility

If you've been keeping track over the last few months, I've shared 6 reasons to caption your content. Today, I share my "why" for captioning.

This Create Accessibility project began with the vision deck and video as part of my application for the Google Certified Innovator program last Spring. When I received the acceptance email to attend the Google Innovation Academy in Boulder, CO, it was a mixture of sheer joy and disbelief. Within the acceptance notification email there's a link to a Google Form to confirm your spot. I clicked on it almost immediately to began filling it out and then was stopped in my tracks by the accommodation question. What do I put? Do I ask for reasonable accommodations for my disability, do I ask for watered-down accommodations that do not have a price tag attached, or leave it blank? I needed to think about this and would only return later to confirm my involvement. I'm sure this is not the typical response to learning you've b…