Day 8: Transcribe & Autosync Captioning on YouTube

Another method of captioning YouTube videos is to transcribe and autosync. This is my preferred workflow for captioning YouTube content when I don't have a transcript and my video doesn't have music or other sound effects that need to be formatted a certain way. For short videos that are less than two minutes in length, I think this is the best method.  An added benefit for creators is that the very act of listening to yourself closely when transcribing helps one recognize verbal tics, awkward pauses, and intonation patterns. Becoming more mindful of these characteristics will improves the quality of subsequent videos over time.

For longer videos and for students whose keyboarding skills are not proficient yet, this method of captioning can be quite challenging. On Day 11, I will share another YouTube captioning workflow that I recommend in these situations.

How to Create Accessibility

Edit with drop down menu with Subtitles/CC highlightedPrerequisite: A short video available ready to upload on YouTube.
  1. Visit your youtube channel and upload a short video.
  2. On the edit menu click the down arrow > Subtitles & CC
  3. Click Add New Subtitles & CC
  4. Choose Language
  5. Select Transcribe and Autosync Option
  6. Begin Playing your video and typing what you hear.  Continue until complete.
  7. Click Set Timings. Wait. The longer the video the longer it will take to autosync.
  8. Refresh your captions
  9. Highly Recommended: Watch video again and edit text and/or timings as needed.
  10. Select Publish
  11. Enjoy your Accessible Video with Closed Captioning

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