Adding Alt Text just got easier in Google Docs & Slides

half cat picture with alt text menu and steps 1. Select Image, 2. Right click > Alt Text 3. Add description 4. OK
Thank you Google!  Adding Alt Text to images in Google Docs and Slides got much easier with today's GSuite update.  Now users only need to select the image > right click > choose alt text > write an appropriate description > ok and users have helped create a more accessible document. 

This is a game changer in classrooms. Before the alt text menu was buried at the very bottom of the format menu which depending on your screen size and resolution you would almost never see the alt text menu option. This was particularly challenging working in classrooms with students on 11" Chromebooks. Teaching students to Create Accessibility by adding alt text to their images meant that students had to zoom out to see the alt text option in the drop-down menu or use the alt text keyboard shortcut (control + Option + Y) which isn't exactly memorable. Both of these workflows presented challenges to the consistent use of alt text. Now with an image and a right click, adding alt text is a snap!

This update is available in GSuite domains set for rapid release today and will be available to GSuite domains set for scheduled release in two weeks.

Fingers crossed a future update will allow students to edit descriptions when adding alt text to Google Sites.  Or, even better would be the ability to edit video captions in Google Drive.

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